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CG Balance from Dane-RC

We needed a CG meter for our models, so we have made one, it has become really nice, so in future we will give our customers the opportunity to get one too.

The balance unit has the ability to measure CG from 35 – 200 mm, it can handle models from 0.5 – 50 kg as it is equipped with ball bearings and it can take models with a fuselage up to about 30 cm in diameter

CG Balance V1
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Leprechaul ver. XL

Leprechaun ver. XL- Under construction and will soon be ready for test flight 🙂 .. Wing span becomes 414 cm – weight about 3200 grams – Wing loading about 17 g/dm² This version will come as a complete set, but there will also be the opportunity to get the middle section so you can expand your existing Leprechaun ver II – follow us on our website there will be more information soon