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First test flight with Leprechaun XL went well :-)

Some small adjustments need to be made before the next test – It must have mixed rudder when using the air brake – the engine is hard pressed, will try to switch to 4 cells instead of 3 and then the propeller should be changed from 16×8 ” to 13×11″ and it will provide 622 W instead of 389 W

1 thought on “First test flight with Leprechaun XL went well :-)

  1. Hello Michael

    The modified Leprechaun looks really good in the air. The proportions of the plane are suddenly a much more “ususal” and maybe a bit of the vintage look gets lost. But on the other hand, the deep wings make the plane still remarkable and Special.
    Please let me know as soon as you have the first modification sets ready. I am for sure a willing customer…;-)

    Best regards


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