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Leprechaun XL in Austria built and flown by Markus L

Marcus has made some changes to his Leprechaun He has made a larger side rudder so it has become more controllable , he has also changed the EWD to 3 degrees, and He has changed the downshift on the engine from 2 degrees to 5 degrees and given the engine 1.5 to 2 degrees to the right, and it has a more stable and satisfied flight now. With the changes, the weight has become 4500 grams with 4 cells lipo – with as can be seen on the video, that weight is not a problem for the model

These changes have now also been made by Dane RC on our future Leprechaun XL construction kit

Here are some pictures of Markus’ construction and the changes he has made – Thanks to Markus for his information 🙂

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