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Supply Voltage 5 – 8.4 V
Average Current 32mA
Dimensions 27x19x11mm
Weight 15g
Range of measured voltage 0-60V
Range of measured current 0-75A
Temperature Range -10 – +85°C
Accuracy of voltage/current 1% / 0,1%

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Voltage and current sensor Jeti MUI75 (up to 75A) for Jeti Duplex 2.4EX system
The MUI sensors are intended for measuring voltages, currents and used battery capacity in the model. The JETIBOX terminal is used to display the measured values ​​and the DUPLEX system 2.4 GHz for wireless transmission of the information.
The DUPLEX system uses the 2.4GHz band for communication, which not only enables the transmission of remote control data to the model, but also the transmission from the model back to the transmitter. The telemetric data obtained during operation are transmitted in real time and the current status of the measured variables can be displayed on the JETIBOX’s LCD screen. The MUI telemetric sensors allow you to measure voltages and currents in your model and transmit this information using the DUPLEX system (receiver and transmitter module). Thanks to the high current measurement accuracy, these sensors allow the used capacity of the measured battery to be tracked. In addition to the duration of the current passage, the MUI unit also records the average value and maximum values ​​of the current. Furthermore, it offers the exact voltage values ​​as well as their minimum and maximum values.
The JETIBOX terminal is used to set parameters and display the measured values.
The MUI sensors enable the setting of an acoustic signal when the set parameters are exceeded. This alarm message can be set for the measurement of the maximum current, the minimum voltage and for the maximum permissible capacity consumption. The acoustic signal is generated by the transmitter module via a built-in sounder. Individual alarm messages are distinguished from one another by the assignment of a Morse code letter. The acoustic signals for exceeding parameters are also generated if no JETIBOX is connected. When the JETIBOX is connected, the LCD display shows which parameter has been exceeded. If several parameters are exceeded, the acoustic signals and the LCD display alternate.

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