GO-1013MG (0.13s/60°, 3.8kg.cm)

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High torque programmable digital pico servo 13g with titanium gear and input voltage range 4.8-6.0V, 2xBB, ideal for small model aircraft, 1:14-1:24 RC cars, 400-450 size helis etc. Torque 3.0kg.cm, speed 0.15s/60° at 4.8V, torque 3.8kg.cm, speed 0.12s/60° at 6.0V. Aluminium middle case heatsink for perfect cooling under high load.

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High Torque programmable digital pico servo with titanium gear and double BB-ed output shaft for small RC model planes, 1:14-1:24 RC cars, 400-450 size helicopters etc. Plastic case with middle aluminium heatsink for perfect cooling under high load.

GO-1013MG is programmable using the KAVAN GO servo USB programmer/interface and PC software.

Programmable Functions

  • Servo Angle: Maximal servo rotation angle range setting. The default range is ca 120° within the regular RC signal pulse width range (900~2100 µs); ca 180° within the max. signal pulse width range (500~2500 µs).
  • Servo Neutral: Servo neutral (centre) position setting.
  • Damping Factor: Servo damping setting – adjust the characteristics of the servo when stopping.
  • PWM Power: Adjusts the servo output power. The higher the power, the higher the speed and torque of the servo – indeed also the current consumption will be higher.
  • Sensitivity: Servo sensitivity (Dead Band) setting. The higher sensitivity the narrower the dead band – servo moves only if the change of the signal pulse width is bigger than the dead band width. Too high setting may cause servo jitter in some applications. Range: Ultra High (ca 1 µs dead band) – High (ca 2 µs) – Medium (ca 3 µs) – Low (ca 4 µs)
  • Soft Start: Turns on/off the soft start feature. If ON, the servo goes slowly to the initial position corresponding to the servo signal once the power is switched on.
  • Reverse: Reverses the servo movement direction.
  • Narrow Band: FUTABA SR Mode – only for use with FUTABA radio channels working in the SR mode. Do not turn the option on if you are using a different setting of your FUTABA radio or any other radio.
  • SANWA SSR: SANWA SSR Mode – only for use with SANWA radio channels working in the SSR mode. Do not turn the option on if you are using a different setting of your SANWA radio or any other radio.
  • Lost PPM Protection (Fail-Safe): In the case the control signal from the receiver is lost completely or cannot be decoded correctly (due to interference) the servo can use choose one of three fail-safe modes:
    • (a) Release: No fail-safe protection.
    • (b) Keep Position: Keeps the position corresponding to the last correct control signal.
    • (c) Go Neutral Position: The servo returns to the neutral (1500 µs pulse width) position.
  • Over Load protection: Enables or disables overload protection of the servo in three levels – once the overload conditions last for the pre-set time (in seconds), the output power of the servo is reduced to the corresponding pre-set level (% of the max. power).
  • Default: Restores the factory default setting of the connected servo.

Standard input voltage range 4.8-6.0 V (nominal).

25T/4.94 mm output shaft.

Servo dimensions Micro
Servo type Digital
Programmable Yes
Thrust at 4.8V [kg/cm] 3
Thrust at 6.0V [kg/cm] 3.8
Speed at 4.8V [s/60st.] 0.15
Speed at 6.0V [s/60st.] 0.12
Servo gears Titanium
Ball bearings
High-voltage No
Power supply [V] 4.8 – 6
Length [mm] 22.8
Width [mm] 12
Height [mm] 29.4
Weight [g] 15
Intended for Aeroplanes,Helicopters,On-road cars,Off-road cars,Boats


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