OS GT15 W/E-4040 for airplane

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Aero gasoline engine with 14.95ccm power 2.37 horsepower at 15000o / min., Idle speed 2000rpm, engine weight 631g, exhaust weight 178g, ignition weight 95g designed for 2-cl. LiPo and Life operation.

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Technical specifications

  • Version: 2-stroke gas
  • Bore [mm]: 27,7mm
  • Speed range approx.: 2,000 – 15,000 rpm
  • Recommended propeller: 13×8 – 15×8″
  • Stroke [mm]: 24,8mm
  • Displacement [ccm]: 14,95ccm
  • Power HP: 2,35 at 15,000 rpm
  • Total weight: 809g

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O.S. The MAX GT15 gives pilots models designed for 10cc 2-stroke or 15cc 4-stroke glow engines all they need – reliability and durability, simple and inexpensive operation, easy adjustment, high efficiency and high performance. Designers O.S. MAX has given him more power and the ability to turn propellers of larger diameter than competing engines of this class, making it the No. 1 choice for pilots who are not satisfied with compromises!

  • The same built-in dimensions as the “glow” O.S. MAX 65AX.
  • New IG-06 electronic ignition with power from 4-5 cells NiCd / NiMH or 2S LiPo / LiFe.
  • Double needle carburetor type 61H with pressure regulator and fuel pump PD-08 for perfectly stable fuel delivery in all flight modes.
  • It uses an affordable blend of Natural Gasoline with two stroke oil blended at a ratio of 25-50: 1 (depending on oil type).
  • Economical operation – 200 ml tank is sufficient for 12-13 minutes of aerobatic flying with a reserve of 8-10 minutes at full throttle).
  • Expansion silencer E-4040 with effective sound attenuation allowing the exhaust outlet to be rotated in 90 ° increments
  • The noble deep sound of a two-stroke gasoline ideal for mock-ups and semi-scale models, the high performance and fast response needed for aerobatic models.

The GT15 is a two-stroke gasoline engine designed for aircraft models designed to drive 10cc 2-stroke or 15cc 4-stroke glow engines. It is equipped with a double needle carburetor type 61H with pressure regulator and fuel pump PD-08. The IG-06 electronic ignition and the E-4040 expansion muffler are also supplied as standard.


  • Propeller proportions: Run-in: 13×8 “, Sport / Aerobatic / Scale model: 13×8-11“ 14×8-10 “17×6“ 15×8 “
  • Recommended fuel: run-in 25: 1 (25 parts natural gasoline per 1 part KLOTZ oil), normal 50: 1 operation
  • The fuel tank (200-300 ml) and all hoses must be for gasoline.

Engine set includes:GT15 engine with RC carburetor 61H with pressure regulator and pump PD-08, IG-06 electronic ignition, spark plug CM-6, muffler E-4040, operating instruction manual.

Manual: https://www.os-engines.co.jp/english/line_up/engine/air/aircraft/img/manual/38160.pdf

Dimensions: https://www.os-engines.co.jp/english/line_up/engine/air/aircraft/img/manual/38160_1.pdf

Exploded view:  https://www.os-engines.co.jp/product/gas/img/gas/pdf/38160_1.pdf

Additional information

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