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Programmable telemetric brushless electronic speed controller for model aeroplanes. Continuous current 110A (peak 170A), input voltage 2-12S LiPo, switched BEC 5.5-8.4V/12A, weight 90g, dimensions 88x32x14mm. Compatible w. telemetry systems JETI Duplex EX, Futaba S.BUS2, Multiplex MSB, Graupner Hott, PowerBox P2Bus, Spektrum SRXL2. Programmable w. JETIBOX or MAV Sense PC USB interface.

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High-power controller of BLDC motors offers continuous current up to 110 A at a voltage of up to 51 V (12S LiPo). It offers a high-quality stabilized voltage output (BEC) with a continuous current of up to 15 A and the possibility of connecting an external shutdown switch.

The IBEX product line represents advanced speed controllers for use exclusively in RC airplane models. With integrated telemetry and various possibilities of optional user configuration, the controllers offer high efficiency, low weight and precise motor control.

MAV Sense products are designed and manufactured in the Czech RepublicFeatures

  • Small dimensions combined with high power motor control.
  • A powerful switching BEC that offers a continuous current of 15A (30A max). BEC circuit protection against overcurrent and overheating is included.
  • BEC voltage 5.5-8.4 V, setting in steps of 0.1V.
  • Over- and undervoltage protection, overtemperature protection, motor-stall protection.
  • Configurable current limiter.
  • Safety shutdown when the throttle impulse is lost.
  • Configurable acceleration, timing, electromagnetic brake etc.
  • Low acoustic noise due to high frequency switching.
  • Automatic telemetry detection: Duplex EX, Hott, MSB, S.Bus2. Alternative firmware with Spektrum SRXL2 telemetry support.
  • Telemetry (RC system dependent): voltage, current, power, capacity, temperature, RPM, energy.
  • Telemetry min/max values are logged.
  • Configuration through the transmitter or external terminal (JETIBOX/SMART-BOX).
  • Firmware updates via USB interfaceusing the MAV Manager software.
  • Languages: CZ/DE/EN/FR/IT.

Additional functions

  • Option to activate the synchronous rectification (Active Freewheeling) for more accurate motor response and less heating of the controller during aerobatics.
  • Optional use of external on-off switch / push button / Hall-sensor / RC switch / Touch Switch.
  • Flawless operation with high power multi-pole motors and the vast majority of all other motor types.
  • Optional connection of backup battery without additional adapters.
  • Propeller positioning using an optional Hall sensor.
  • Optional external motor identification chip combined with an optional temperature sensor.

The set contents: IBEX speed controller, instruction manual.

Used for Aeroplane
Type AC
Constant current [A] 110
Max. peak current (2 s) [A] 170
LiXX cells 2 – 12
BEC voltage [V] 5.5 – 8.4
BEC current [A] 15
Length [mm] 88
Width [mm] 32
Height [mm] 14
Weight [g] 90
Control one-way
Brake Yes
Sensor imputs Yes
Programmable Yes


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