Japan paper white 23 g/qm 1000 x 750 mm

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Very long-fibred and tough. With exceptional tear strength and low weight.
Sheet size 1000 x 750 cm, white, 23 g/m². Grain direction along the sheet format.
Ideal for covering fully planked model hulls.

The covering with Japanese paper

The covering with Japanese paper can be done with different methods. However, it is simpler and more reliable to directly stick on the covering paper moistened with a water spray bottle using KAVAN Cassic Spandex. First apply KAVAN Cassice Covering Varnish to all of the wooden parts on which the covering paper will later lie. Then for each model segment z. B. Fuselage side surface or the underside of a wing half cut the covering paper with oversize. Hold the cut strip of covering paper in the air and moisten it well with a water spray bottle, then place it on the part to be covered and smooth it out without any creases. Immediately apply diluted tension varnish with a fine brush while wet, only to the areas in contact with the wood. Use a sanding block to carefully cut off the excess covering paper over the outer edge of the respective part, which is still damp, and always work in the direction of the outer edge. With this method, no cut edges are visible later and the paper is already stretched without creases. By applying the dope finish, an adhesive bond is achieved through the covering paper and the previously applied dope finish. Note: By applying the tension varnish to the damp paper, the glued areas become conspicuously white after drying, but these unattractive areas disappear again if the model is painted several times with diluted tension varnish.

Technical specifications

  • Width [mm]: 750mm
  • Color white
  • Type: covering paper
  • Approx. weight: 23 g/m
  • Pieces/pack: 1
  • Dimensions: 1000 x 750mm
  • Length [mm]: 1000mm
  • Material: Japanese paper

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