KAVAN Brushless motor C2826-1400

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  • Powering LiXX cells2 – 3
  • RPM/V [ot./min/V]1400
  • Max. power (30 s/3S LiPo) [W]120
  • Open-circuit current (2S) [mA]500
  • Max. peak current (30 s) [A]14
  • Diameter [mm]27.8
  • Length [mm]27
  • Shaft diameter [mm]3.175
  • Weight [g]50
  • Poles count14
  • Timing [°]15 – 25
  • ESC [A]18 – 25
  • Weight of glider (up-to) [g]450
  • Weight of trainer (up-to) [g]450
  • Weight of acrobat (up-to) [g]400
  • Weight of 3D (up-to) [g]300

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Brushless outrunner motor for model aircraft: glider 450g, trainer 450g, acro 400g, 3D 300g, KV1400 rpm per V, power supply Lixx 2-3s, shaft 3.175 mm.

KAVAN C series motors are powerful brushless 14-pole outrunner motors with excellent electrical characteristics, sophisticated design and excellent workmanship. They represent a very good choice for powering your hobby-sport models with excellent performance, good efficiency and a favourable price. They are low speed, high torque motors that handle large diameter propellers and climbs without the need for a gearbox.

The KAVAN C2826-1400 is a miniature brushless motor designed to power small models with a flying weight of up to 350 g, powered by a two or three cell Li-poly battery. With its help you can successfully “electrify” e.g. large rubber bands from Guillow’s or Dumas kits with a span of approx. 800-1200 mm, it is also excellent for Dumas RC park-flyers.

Motor mounting:The C2826-1400 is designed for both front and rear mounting. For front mounting behind the motor face, use at least two (opposing) or four M3 bolts that engage the motor face within 3 – 4 mm. The pairs of holes for the fixing screws in the motor face are spaced regularly at 180° on circles of 16 and 19 mm diameter. The motor firewall should be 2 mm Birch aircraft plywood. A rear mounting kit (mounting cross, prop adaptor) is supplied with the motor.

Motor kit includes: motor C2826-1400 swith cables and with soldered 3.5 mm gold-plated connectors, rear mounting kit, manual.


Propellers:  2S: 8×5-6″ 3S: 7×4-5″

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