KAVAN C100 Duo Air balanced charger 2x 500W

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Dual channel fast charger with balancers for 1-16 cells NiCd/NiMH, 1-6 cells Li-Po/Li-ion/Li-Fe/LiHV, 2-24V Pb with current 0,2-20A (max. 2x100W with mains power or 2x 500W with DC power). Discharging 0,2-1,5 A (max. 2x 15W). Power supply 10-30V DC/230V AC. Internal resistance measurement, ISDT BattAir Battery Smart Module and App compatible.

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The small KAVAN C100 Duo 2x500W dual channel charger has been designed to offer an intelligent, high performance charger with mains and car battery power and very simple and clear operation. The C100 Duo can charge and discharge common cell types (NiCd, NiMH, LiPo, LiHV, ULiHV, Li-ion, LiFe, Pb), plus it features built-in six-channel balancers to ensure safe charging of lithium batteries. The charger is equipped with a colour LCD display and programming buttons that provide you with the possibility of comfortable and very clear parameter setting, control and monitoring of the charging/discharging process. Of course, English and German menus are available.

In addition to the compact “palm-sized” design and intuitive operation, it is worth a special mention:

  • charging program for new types of “high voltage” lithium batteries LiHV with a terminal voltage for charging up to 4.35 V and ULiHV with a terminal voltage of 4.45 V
  • powerful balancer with current up to 1.5 A
  • synchronous operation of both channels for charging two identical batteries or parallel charging of one battery up to 800 W
  • adjustable end-voltage for charging and discharging of lithium batteries (allows more gentle charging, which aviators like, or, on the contrary, brutal overcharging, which “car guys” like)
  • adjustable end-voltage for charging of lead-acid batteries (1.90-2.45 V; allows charging of all types of lead-acid batteries)
  • iSDT BattAir system compatible: the charger can work with the iSDT Battery Smart Modules (containing battery data nad charge/discharge parameters pre-programmed using the BattAir app) – either standalone with the battery connected via the pre-set Smart Module or with the Smart module and a smartphone with the BattAir app (Android or iOS)

Overview of basic functions and parameters

  • Mains power supply 100-240 V/50-60 Hz
  • Power supply 10-30 V DC (XT60 socket)
  • For charging and discharging 1 – 16 NiCd/NiMH cells, 1 – 6 Li-ion/Li-poly/Li-Fe/LiHV/ULiHV cells or 2- 24 V lead-acid batteries
  • Einstellbarer Ladestrom (0,2 A – 20,0 A) in jedem Kanal (max. 100 W bei Netzversorgung, max. 500 W bei Versorgung von einer Autobatterie oder von einem leistungsstarken Schaltnetzteil – um die Leistung des Ladegeräts voll nutzen zu können, muss das Netzteil eine höhere Spannung als 24 V haben)
  • Adjustable discharge current 0.2 A – 1.5 A at each channel
  • Max. power for charging 1x 800W in parallel charging mode
  • Max. discharge power 2x 15 W, max. 1x 30 W in parallel discharge mode
  • Charge termination with delta-peak automation for NiCd and NiMH batteries
  • Lithium and Pb batteries are charged using the “constant current/constant voltage” method
  • Adjustable delta-peak detection sensitivity for NiCd and NiMH batteries
  • Adjustable end-voltage for charging and discharging of lithium and lead-acid batteries
  • Three modes for lithium batteries – charge, discharge and storage charge/discharge; all with or without a balancer. Plus a disposal discharge mode to safely discharge a discarded battery before it is sent for recycling
  • Channel CH1 can operate as a stabilized power supply with adjustable voltage 2-30 and current 1.0-5.0 A
  • Easy firmware update via USB-C port
  • Backlit colour LCD display with simple and clear menu and parameter display during charging/discharging
  • Programming buttons for easy and clear setting and control of the charger
  • A number of warning messages contribute to safe operation – incorrect input voltage, incorrect wiring, unsuitable battery or its condition, incorrect polarity at the output, etc.
  • Forced cooling fan
  • Small dimensions

The charger is equipped with XT60 output sockets in both channels and universal sockets for JST-XH balancer connectors, allowing direct connection of battery power cables and JST-XH balancer connectors of sets 2-6S – if you use sets with XT60 and JST-XH connectors, you can do without charging cables and adapters. You can use standard Sky RC or RC System adapters to connect balancer connectors from other systems.

The charger set includes: the charger KAVAN C100 Duo, instructions.

Changing the language: The charger is delivered from the factory with a menu in Czech. Some people may find it difficult to change it (e.g. to German or English). But it is quite simple:

  • 1. After switching on, press and hold BOTH menu buttons for approx. 2 seconds => the main menu opens.
  • 2. Select the second last menu item with the arrow keys (“System. nastaveni”) and confirm with a menu button.
  • 3. Scroll down with the arrow keys to page 2, to the menu item “Jazyk” (symbol of a globe) and confirm with the menu knob.
  • 4. Select the language with the arrow keys and confirm with the menu knob.
Input voltage (autobaterie – DC) [V] 10 – 30
Input voltage (síťové – AC) [V] 100 – 240
Charging current [A] 0.2 – 20
Charging power (síťové napájení) [W] 100
Charging power (napájení DC-autobaterie) [W] 500
Discharging current [A] 0.2 – 1.5
Discharging power [W] 15
Channels 2
NiCd [čl.] 1 – 16
NiMH [čl.] 1 – 16
Li-Po [čl.] 1 – 6
Li-Ion [čl.] 1 – 6
Li-Fe [čl.] 1 – 6
Li-HV [čl.] 1 – 6
Pb [čl.] 1 – 12
Balancer Yes
Balancer current [A] 1.5
Length [mm] 142
Width [mm] 135
Height [mm] 64
Weight [g] 700

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