KAVAN Li-Fe 2900mAh/6,4V RX

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KAVAN LiFe receiver battery pack 6.4 V (2S) 2900 mAh 3C. Charge 0,5-1C, discharge rate 3C. JR/Hitec/UNI servo connector, JST-XH balance connector. Dimensions: 77x35x25 mm. Weight: 113g.

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KAVAN lithium phosphate (LiFe) batteries are great power supply for compatible model-hobby transmitters and receivers because of their high energy density whilst their size and weight are comparatively low. The advanced electrode manufacturing technology allows fast charging, ensures long lifespan at affordable price.


The nominal voltage of a single LiFe cell is 3.2 V. The voltage in no case may rise over 3.6 V (+1%) during the charge and decrease under 2.5 V during the discharge. A permanent damage of the battery will occur beyond these limits. Therefore you have to use only LiFe dedicated chargers. Failure to follow the correct charging and/or handling procedure, as well as a short connection of battery leads, may lead to overheating of the battery; the cells may be damaged by gases evolved due to the high temperature. In an extreme case a violent chemical reaction might be started inside the cells leading to explosion of the cell and fire. Although the LiFe cells are completely safe when used in the correct manner, please always keep in mind the possible danger.


Use LiFe dedicated charger only! The charger may not exceed the voltage 3.6 V per cell during the charge. Do not use a charge rate higher than 1 C, the recommended charge rate is 0.5-1 C. We recommend to use a balancer during every charge.

We also recommend checking the voltage of each single cell before the charging starts; finding the voltage of your batteries under 2.8 V per cell means the batteries are being seriously overloaded and over discharged.

LiFe batteries do not require any initial forming; however, if you intend to use 1C charge rate, the initial three charging cycles should be performed at a rate not higher than 1C. There is no need to discharge the LiFe batteries before the charging – you can charge partly discharged packs.


Use LiFe compatible devices only! Please try to avoid overloading of almost discharged batteries (under 20-25% residual capacity/3.0 V per cell voltage). Any LiFes are extremely sensible in this state; repeated overloading leads to reduction of the lifetime of cells. Please follow the instruction manual of your RC set in order to connect the receiver battery correctly. Be sure to avoid vibrations, shocks, and temperature extremes. Wrap the receiver battery pack in foam rubber or other vibration-absorbing materials. Install it in an easy-to-access place in your model; safe from fuel, oils, exhaust fumes or water.


Store LiFe packs in a part charged state; the voltage of each cell should be within the range 3.30 to 3.35 V.


Charging cables are fitted with standard JR/UNI servo connectors; all KAVAN LiFe packs are fitted with standard JST-XH balance connectors.

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