KAVAN NiMH 1050mAh/4,8V Rx pack

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KAVAN 4.8 V/1050 mAh NiMH receiver flat side-by-side pack with JR/Hitec/UNI connector. Dimensions: 68x31x17.5 mm, weight 85 g.

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The KAVAN battery pack made of high quality NiMH (nickelmetalhydride) cells capable of quick charge and discharge. The receiver packs are fitted with standard JR/UNI servo connectors; the power packs are supplied without connectors. You can use the battery in smaller RC models of any kind.


Be sure to avoid vibrations, shocks, and temperature extremes. Wrap the receiver battery pack in foam rubber or other vibration-absorbing materials. Install it in an easy-to-access place in your model; safe from fuel, oils, exhaust fumes or water. Use a hook-and-loop tape or fastener or other reliable method of keeping the pack in place during flight.


The battery packs are suitable as a power pack or a receiver battery for smaller radio controlled models demanding moderate feeding current. The typical receiver battery application is a glider or IC powered model featuring 3-4 standard size servos (3-4 kg.cm torque) or smaller ones in the case of 1050 mAh batteries; respective 2-4 micro servos for 350 and 650 mAh batteries. If your model uses more servos and/or high torque servos, you should go for a different pack capable of higher loads. Please remember, overloading the battery might cause voltage drop resulting in receiver malfunction and model crash.


Please fully charge your new battery pack before use. Receiver packs: We recommend overnight charging using charging current of 0.1-0.2 C rate – i.e. 100 mA for the 1050 mAh battery and so on. In this case you can charge the battery installed in your model safely. If you intend using fast charging, you should always remove the battery pack out of your model. Considering the specifications of the battery, its cable and connector, we do not recommend using higher than 0.5 C charge rate.

Power packs: Please do not use higher charge rate than 1C. The temperature of the pack should not get higher than 40°C during charge (the battery is slightly warm but not hot).


In order to achieve optimum performance the battery should be formed before use – give the battery 3 to 5 cycles at 0.1-0.2 C charging and max. 1C discharging rate The charged capacity is not that important, the discharged capacity is the lead here – you can finish the cycling once the discharged capacity remains approximately the same (within 5-10% range). You should use the same procedure in order to condition your battery after long time storage.


If you are using 0.1-0.2C overnight charging, there is no need for discharging the battery before re-charging. However, it is advisable once in every 3 months performing a refreshing cycle consisting of complete discharge (to 1.0 V per cell, i.e. 4.0 for the four cell pack) and full charge.

If you are using fast charging, the battery should be discharged to 1.0 V per cell, i.e. 4.0 for the four cell pack before re-charging. If the batteries got hot during the discharging let them cool to the ambient temperature before re-charging. The temperature of the battery should not get over 60°C in use (the battery is hot when touched, but you can still hold it in your hand without any trouble). If your battery gets hot in use you should decrease the operational load or consider using a higher C-rated pack.


Store your NiMH battery fully charged. If they will not be used for at least 3-4 weeks, charge them fully and store in a dry and cool place. Long term storage – once in every 3 months perform a refreshing cycle consisting of complete discharge (to 1.0 V per cell, i.e. 4.0 for the four cell pack) and full charge. Please note the self discharge rate depends strongly on the temperature your battery is being stored at. Whilst a well maintained pack would still keep 60-70% of charged capacity after a month being stored at room temperature, it might be as little as 20-30% if stored at 40°C.

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