KAVAN Protective Dope Classic 200ml

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Clear nitrocellulose dope for protecting metal parts or stretching coating paper on small models. The recipe is verified by generations of modellers and also by real airplane designers. Applied with a roller or brush. Supplied in 200ml tin can.

Clear nitro lacquer for stretching covering paper and silk. Classic formula tested by generations of modelers and real aircraft builders. For brush or roller application.

Application: Thin the paint with KAVAN Classic Thinner as required. Apply it to the fabric with a soft flat brush or roller. Apply 2-4 layers. Always allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours and sand with 600-1000 fine sandpaper. On a combustion engine model, a fuel resistant top coat must be applied (e.g. 5MA4401 RC Color Clear Coat in Spray).

Removing excess undried paint: Cloth or paper handkerchief moistened with KAVAN Classic Thinner.

Lacquer thinning: The lacquer is supplied in a concentrated form, depending on the needs and type of application, it can be diluted with KAVAN Classic Thinner in any ratio to achieve the optimum consistency for the application.

Suitable for: Covering paper and silk for model making, e.g. fleece paper.

Unsuitable for: Materials not resistant to organic solvents (expanded polystyrene, etc.).

Storage: In tightly closed packaging, cool, dry and dark (at temperatures between 10 and 25 degrees). Do not expose the paint to temperatures below 5 degrees and never to frost.

Shelf life: if the conditions of proper storage are respected, we guarantee the shelf life in the unopened original packaging for a period of 1 year while maintaining the above product characteristics.

The product contains substances that are classified as dangerous according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008. See the Downloads section for more information.

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