KAVAN R-30SB Plus brushless ESC SBEC 30A

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New version of the basic KAVAN ESC line with enhanced programming capabilities for model aeroplanes. Continuous current 30A, peak current 50A. Switched UBEC 5V/5A. Input voltage 3-4S LiPo. Weight 33g. Dimensions 60x25x8mm.

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New generation of programmable micro processor electronic speed controllers KAVAN Plus for brushless sensorless motors designed using the latest achievements of the semiconductor technologies ensuring high performance; whilst still being simple-to-use/user friendly. The Plus line ESCs will work great in any of „Sunday flyer“/sporty model planes powered by brushless motors using LiPo/Li-ion/LiFe as well as NiCd/NiMH batteries. The ESC features a powerful switched UBEC ensuring reliable power supply for your receiver and servos. The optional KAVAN LED programming card PRO (sold separately; the same as for the KAVAN PRO ESC line) will make the programming of your ESC a breeze.


  • The ESC features a high performance 32-bit micro processor ARM M4 with a running frequency of up to 96 MHz.
  • DEO (Driving Efficiency Optimization) Technology greatly improving throttle response & driving efficiency and reducing the working ESC temperature.
  • Suitable for the most of aeroplane model dedicated brushless motors for 3-4S LiPo batteries.
  • Compatible with NiCd, NiMH, LiPo, Li-ion, LiFe batteries
  • Powerful switched UBEC stabilizer 5.0 V up to 5 A.
  • Adjustable timing to match your motor perfectly.
  • Adjustable voltage protection with selectable cut-of type (soft cut-off/hard cut-off).
  • Start-up Modes Normal/Soft/Very Soft to match direct drive as well geared power systems
  • Start-up protection prevents unintentional start of the motor when powered up.
  • A number of protection functions: start-up protection, ESC thermal protection, capacitor thermal protection, overload protection, over current protection, abnormal input voltage protection, throttle signal loss protection contributing to safety operation.
  • Throttle range calibration to match your radio set signal.


  • Brake Type: Normal brake off, Normal brake on (3 brake force levels selectable), Reverse brake (the forward/reverse run is selected by an auxiliary channel with 2-position switch on your transmitter, the revolutions are controlled by the throttle stick, Linear reverse brake (the reverse revolutions are controlled by a proportional control assigned to an auxiliary channel on your transmitter)
  • Brake Force: Brake force adjustable to 60%/90%/100% (Normal brake mode only).
  • Voltage Cut-off Type: Soft Cut-off: After selected this option, the ESC will gradually reduce the output to 60% of the full power in 3 seconds after the low-voltage cut-off protection is activated. Hard Cut-off: The ESC will immediately cut off the output.
  • LiPo Cells: The ESC will automatically calculate the number of LiPo cells you have plugged in as per the “3.7V/Cell” rule if “Auto Calc.” is selected, or you can set this item manually.
  • Cut-off Voltage: If set off, the low-voltage protection function is disabled. If on, the protection voltage threshold is selectable at 2.8V/cell, 3.0V/cell or 3.4V/cell.
  • Start-up Mode: This is used to adjust the throttle response time of ESC acceleration from 0% to 100%. Normal/Soft/Very Soft correspond to approximately 200 ms/500 ms/800 ms respectively.
  • Timing: Adjustable to 5°/15°/25°.
  • Active Freewheeling (DEO): This item is adjustable between “Enabled” and “Disabled”, and it is enabled by default. With it enabled, you can have better throttle linearity or smoother throttle response.
  • Search Mode: After selected this option, ESC will drive the motor chirping prompt when the throttle is kept at 0% and continues to do during the set time.


  • Start-up Protection: The ESC will monitor the motor speed during the start-up process. When the speed stops increasing or the speed increase is not stable, the ESC will take it as a start-up failure. At that time, if the throttle amount is less than 15%, the ESC will try to restart automatically; if it is larger than 20%, you need to move the throttle stick back to the bottom position first and then restart the ESC.
  • ESC Thermal Protection: The ESC will gradually reduce the output to 60% but won’t cut it off when the ESC temperature goes above 120°C (soft cut-off mode)/the ESC will shut the motor off (hard cut-off mode).
  • Throttle Signal Loss Protection: When the ESC detects loss of signal for over 0.25 second, it will cut off the output immediately. The ESC will resume the corresponding output after normal signals are received.
  • Overload Protection: The ESC will cut off the power/output or automatically restart itself when the load suddenly increases to a very high value.
  • Low Voltage protection: When the battery voltage is lower than the cut-off voltage set by the ESC, the ESC will trigger the low-voltage protection. If the battery voltage is set to soft cut-off, the battery voltage will be reduced to a maximum of 60% of the full power. When set to hard cut-off, the output is cut-off immediately.
  • Abnormal input voltage protection: When the battery voltage is not within the input voltage range supported by the ESC, the ESC will trigger the Abnormal input voltage protection, ESC will drive the motor to sound the alarm.

Tip: Turning the ESC on for the first time: Perform the throttle range calibration following the instruction in the manual. Only then you can use the ESC normally or you can set the programmable parameters using your transmitter or the KAVAN LED programming card PRO.

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