KAVAN Smart Soldering Station 60W

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Soldering station with a 60W pencil micro-soldering iron with microprocessor temperature control (200–480 °C). 230V/50Hz mains power supply. LED display and knob for easy operation. Adjustable operating temperature. Replaceable soldering tip, grounded for protection against electrostatic discharge..

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Soldering station with a 60W soldering iron with a microprocessor temperature control (200–480 °C) with a 230V mains power supply. Smart 60W with a very simple operation is perfectly suited for common model and “electronic-hobby” soldering with lead-free and lead solders without the need to set dozens of parameters.


  • Microprocessor temperature control 200–480 °C with ±1 °C accuracy
  • LED display and a knob for easy adjustments
  • 230V/50Hz mains power supply (EU mains cable)
  • Micro-soldering iron 28V/50Hz, max power 60 W
  • Replaceable soldering tips for fine point work and soldering thicker cables
  • ESD Safe: grounded soldering tip for protection against electrostatic discharge (tip impedance to ground less than 2 ohms/voltage difference less than 2 mV)
  • Soldering iron stand with a cleaning sponge


Soldering station kit includes: Smart 60W soldering station with mains cable, soldering iron with 28/60W power cable, soldering iron stand, cleaning sponge, instruction manual.

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