Mangoo Li-Po 850mAh/7,4V 30/60C

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Mangoo LiPo power pack 30/60C, charge rate up to 2C. Two-cell pack 2s1p 7.4V 850 mAh, dimensions: 53×30×15,4mm, weight: 47,4g, JST-XH balance connector.

If the battery is on backorder, the normal delivery time is approx. 3 weeks

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Mangoo 30/60C high performance lithium polymer packs Is an affordable and good battery

The standard discharge rate of MANGOO 30/60C pack is 30C, the peak discharge rate up to 60C; the recommended charge rate 1-2C.

Do not charge more than 2 C, the recommended charging rate is 1-2 C. Balances must be used during each charge. If you intend to top up with 2C, the first three charge cycles should be done at no higher than 1C.

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