MasterMezon 120 lite

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Master Mezon 120 lite

Continuous current: 120A
Voltage range: 5 – 35V
LiPo : 2-8 cells
LiFe : 2-9 cells
BEC current : 8A
BEC voltage : 5 – 8V
Dimensions : 37x18x90 mm
Weight : 137gr .

 Compact size
– shrink tube, open cooling fins
– Real  time telemetry
– powerfull BEC

– BEC  operation with a wide input voltage range and adjustable output voltage
– telemetric datas to DC/DS-16 or Jeti Box Profi
  (voltage of BEC and battery, current of BEC and battery, battery capacity, rpm of motor, temp of ESC, PWM)
 New method for speed control
– higher  efficiency
– Firmware Upgrade Available
– wireless programming from DC/DS-16
– with programmable Jeti Box
– Modes : air , helicopter , ship
– Intelligent  protection mechanism
 active coasting
 wide range of adjustable parameters


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