ORACOVER (1 meter)

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Model aircraft covering that makes your dreams come true. ORACOVER®, our leading product for covering RC model airplanes is patented worldwide. The unique qualities of ORACOVER®: Permits re-positioning without fear of colour-layer separation – the only covering film giving you a second chance, it is fuel-resistant, tolerates temperatures up to 250°C, can be painted and is highly adhesive. Applied according to instructions there will be no bubbles and no sagging.

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Weight 0.05 kg

5M of Bright Silver Heat Shrinkabble Polyester Film Looks similar to brushed stainless steel, 5M of Grey Heat Shrinkabble Polyester Film, 5M of Pink Heat Shrinkabble Polyester Film, 5M of Purple Heat Shrinkabble Polyester Film, 5M of Red Heat Shrinkabble Polyester Film, 5M of Silver Heat Shrinkabble Polyester Film, Bright Silver, Duck Egg Green, Medium Blue, Metallic Blue, Midnight Blue, Orange, Pink, Purpel, Sky Blue, Transparent Clear, Transparent Cub Yellow, Transparent Violet, Yellow, Black, Brown, Grey, White, Pearl white, Cream, Chrome, Silver, Effect silver, Green, Light green, May green, Olive drab, Blue, Dark blue, Corsair blue, Red, Bright red, Pearl red, Ferri red, Violet, Power pink, Turquoise, Golden yellow, Cadmium yellow, Cub yellow, Fuorescent blue, Fuorescent green, Fuorescent magenta, Fuorescent neon-pink, Fuorescent red, Fuorescent violet, Fuorescent yellow, Transparent, Transparent white, Transparent blue, Transparent purple, Transparent blue-purple, Transparent red, Transparent orange, Transparent yellow, Transparent green, Transparent light green, Transparent magenta

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