ORASTICK self adhesive film – width: 60 cm – length: 2 m – scale yellow – 23-033-002

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Do not run the RX aerial underneath ORACOVER® Scale or ORASTICK® Scale films as the back of these Scale films is metallised with a very thin aluminium layer which may disturb the reception of signals.

ORASTICK® Scale Colours have exactly the same qualities as ORACOVER® films. As a special feature all ORASTICK® Scale Colours are 100 % opaque, no matter which colour or pattern is underneath. The background does not show through. We guarantee it!

ORASTICK® pressure-sensitive, heat-set, self-adhesive covering film ORACOVER® and ORASTICK® share the same unique qualities and can easily be applied together on the same model. The main difference is the adhesive: while the ORACOVER® adhesive is thermo-active, ORASTICK® is self-adhesive.

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Type of Application Self-Adhesive
Type of Article Film
Width in mm 600
Colour Code 033
Colour yellow
Colour Series scale
Weight in g/m² 84
Length in m 2

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