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Radiolink R6FG 2.4GHz is a 6-channel FHSS receiver with frequency hopping with a built-in gyroscope, compatible with Radiolink transmitters for RC cars RC4GS, RC6GS and transmitters for aircraft T8FB and T8S. It can work with servos with standard power supply as well as with “high voltage” servos (HV). The receiver is suitable for RC cars, tanks and other land vehicles and RC ships (the range specified by the manufacturer is up to 400 m). Floor).


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The use of FHSS transmission technology provides high immunity to interference and the ability to set fail-safe on the transmitter in the event of failure or severe interference with the transmitter signal.

The receiver has a built-in gyroscope to stabilize the car in a direct direction during aggressive acceleration and braking or on rough terrain, cornering to reduce oversteer and skidding. With a button on the receiver you can choose two operating modes – normal with the gyro off and a mode with the gyro on. The direction of the gyro reaction can be changed using the button on the receiver, the gyro deflection is set on the transmitter via channel 3 – either directly using the VR knob assigned to channel 3 or using the GYRO programming function.

Binding with the transmitter is done using the bind button on the receiver; the operating states of the receiver and gyroscope are displayed by LED diodes.

The receiver is equipped with contact strips for standard UNI plugs (=JR/Graupner, Hitec, Futaba).

The receiver set includes: a receiver R6FG, instructions.


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