RT ULTRAmate EPP Hacker Design

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  • Wing span 750 mm
  • Length  900 mm
  • Weight  160 g (without battery)
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Product description and features

The RT ULTRAmate EPP is already the 5th Indoor/3D-foamy designed by Robin Trumpp. After the huge successes in the past years with the different Sirius and Eraser versions was it now time for something completely new- RT ULTRAmate EPP!

Two wings, huge control surfaces, an almost 90° full moving stab and the light and very durable EPP-CFK airframe make the ULTRAmate really ULTRA- in all respects.

This is the ultimate indoor biplane that did not exist until now but so many been waiting for… We are sure, you will love ULTRAmate!


  • Wingspan: 750mm
  • Lenght: 900mm
  • Weight: ~160G (without battery)


  • Motor: Hacker A10-7L
  • ESC: Hacker X7 Pro
  • Prop: APC 8×4,3
  • Battery: 2S TopFuel LiPo 2S-500

*Not included within delivery scope.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 90 × 15 × 10 cm

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