Speed sensor for UniLog 1+2, only electronics individually 600 / 1000 km/h

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Dynamic pressure speed sensor for our UniLog 1+2.
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Real speed measurement up to 450 km/h or 1000 km/h!

With the speed sensor as an add-on to the UniLog 1 + 2, it is possible to measure and record flight speeds from 0 – 450 km/h. Speed is measured by measuring dynamic pressure (i.e. the air pressure generated by airspeed) and ambient air pressure.
For the UniLog 2 there is also a special version for speed planes with a measuring range of up to 600 / 1000 km/h. This differs only in the measuring range of the pressure transducer used.
The sensors can be switched from 250 to 450 km/h or from 600 to 1000 km/h by means of a solder bridge in the measuring range. By selecting the lower value, you can improve the resolution in the lower range.
Since the dynamic pressure increases quadratically with speed, very small velocities are difficult to measure with this type of sensor. The sensible range of use therefore starts at about 30 km/h. Of course, this is also the measurement, but the error and noise are correspondingly larger.

The speed sensor consists of two parts:
  • The pitot pressure pipe is designed as a Prandtl pipe. The ambient pressure is measured directly at the dynamic pressure tube via the ring-shaped bores. In this way, the system is independent of the pressure conditions in the fuselage (e.g. incoming cooling air).
  • Precision differential pressure sensor with connection to UniLog. The power supply is provided by the UniLog.

The connection between the pitot pressure tube and the sensor is made via two thin silicone hoses.

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