T16IZ-SUPER Radio Mode-2, R7208SB – FASSTest, T-FHSS, S-FHSS

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Futaba T16IZ-SUPER Mode-1/2/3/4 – R7208SB Receiver

This transmitter is set on default Mode-2, with the throttle on the left hand stick and elevator on the right stick. But it can be changed in the software to any of the Mode-1/2/3/4 by the user (see the pdf manual page 29).

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FASSTest System
The T16IZ SUPER transmitter has adopted the bidirectional communication system “FASSTest”. Data from the receiver can be cheched in your transmitter. FASSTest is a maximum 18 channels 2.4GHz dedicated system.

Color Touch LCD Screen
T16IZ SUPER has an HVGA 4.3″, full-color, backlit LCD touch screen. The screen is transflective which enabsles booth indoor and outdoor visibility.

S.BUS2 System
By using the S.BUS2 system, multiple servos, gyros and telemetry sensors are easily installed with a minimum amount of cables.

Model Types

  • Multicopter
  • Helicopters: 8 different swash plate types are available
  • Airplanes: 7 wing types & 3 tail types are available
  • Functions and mixers necessary for each model type is set in advance at the factory

Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery
T16IS SUPER is operated by a 7.4V/2000mAh Li-Ion polymer battery.

MicroSD Card (not included)
Model data can be saved to a microSD card (SD: 32MB-2GB / SDHC: 4-32GB). When T16IZ SUPER transmitter software files are released, the software can be updated by using a microSD card update.

Edit Buttons
Two edit update buttons are provided and the operating screen can be immediately “Returned” to the HOME screen during operation. Setting operation can be performed easily by combining this button with a touch sensor.

Vibration Function
Selects a function that aerts the operator to various alarms by vibrating the transmitter in addition to sounding a buzzer.

Speech Function
A function which allows the system to provide telemetry data audibly. This function can also be utilized with commercial available earphones.

Compatible receivers (as of MAY 2023):


  • R2008GS
  • R2008SB
  • R2106SB
  • R2001SB
  • R2000SBM


  • R3001SB
  • R3004SB
  • R3006SB
  • R3008SB
  • CGY760R


  • R3206SBM
  • R3106GF

FASSTest12 and FASSTest18:

  • R7003SB
  • R7006SB
  • R7008SB
  • R7108SB
  • R7014SB
  • R7208SB
  • R7308SB
  • CGY760R

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