TEK nozzle holder with tube

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TEK nozzle holder for our TEK nozzles . Complete with 2.5 m Teflon tube.
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Matching holder for our TEK nozzles

The TEK nozzle holder made of aluminum is firmly glued into the aircraft. To do this, a hole with a diameter of 4 mm is made in the vertical stabilizer or fuselage at the desired location. If there is not enough wall thickness there, you will first have to fill it with a piece of plywood so that the bracket can be glued firmly enough. The TEK nozzle is relatively long, so you have quite a large lever.

The nozzle holder is slightly thicker at one end. This side accommodates the TEK nozzle . Please pay attention to the installation direction.
The nozzle holder is designed in such a way that the nozzle clamps slightly and seals well even without a silicone hose. The nozzle is inserted 20 mm into the holder.

The Teflon tube is usually simply inserted into the thinner side of the nozzle holder. It sticks there and is sufficiently tight. The insertion depth is 10 mm. If you install it later, you save yourself the problems of having to install the hose later because otherwise it won’t fit through the hole in the tail unit.
If the hose is a little too thick (tolerance), it can simply be stretched a little on a short piece, i.e. pulled out long. If you then cut it again in this area, it will be a little thinner and should fit.

The holder is then cleaned, possibly roughened a little and glued with epoxy (e.g. Endfest 300). The alignment should be as precise as possible in the direction of flight, and when mounted on the fuselage, it should be at right angles to the direction of flight. The aluminum tube should protrude about 3 mm to the outside so that the silicone tube can be attached here for sealing.

On the GPS logger 2/3 or  MicroVario,  a piece of silicone hose is plugged onto the TEK connection as a transition to the Teflon hose.


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