UHU All Plastics (UHU ALLPLAST) 33ml

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UHU All Plastics  33ml

Powerful universal adhesive for most plastics. Cold welding technology for a perfect connection. Ideal for multipurpose use around the home, arts and crafts, repairs and modelling. Durable waterproof and stable temperatures from -30 °C to +90 °C.


Bonds the most common plastic materials (ABS, SAN, SB, Plexiglas, hard PVC …), also in combination with wood, metal, glass and ceramics. Not suitable for PA, polystyrene, PE, PP, Teflon and silicone.


The surfaces must be clean, dry and degreased. For a perfect adhesion result, please roughen the surface. For hard, compact materials, apply to a surface. Repeat the application after 3-4 minutes and then press the parts together. Apply the porous materials to both surfaces, press immediately. Did!


  • flammable liquids (Cat.2),
  • serious eye damage / eye irritation (Cat. 2),
  • Specific target organ toxicity – single exposure
  • Exposure (narcotic effects, drowsiness) (Cat. 3).

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