UHU All Purpose 35ml/g

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UHU All Purpose 35ml/g


  • Fluid
  • Crystal clear
  • Dries fast
  • Can be corrected at short notice
  • No paper curl


Universal – glues wood, wood-based materials, plastics (ABS plastic, hard and soft PVC, Plexiglas®, polystyrene, Resopal®), metal, glass, porcelain, ceramics, leather, rubber, felt, cork, textile, cardboard, paper and much more.


Not suitable for Styrofoam®, polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP).



Processing Conditions

Do not use at temperatures below +5 °C.

surface requirements

The materials to be bonded must be clean, dry and free of dust and grease.

Preparation of the surfaces

Better results can be achieved when gluing plastic or metal if the surfaces to be glued are slightly roughened beforehand.


Instructions for use

Apply the adhesive thinly on one side, press – done! For non-absorbent materials (e.g. ceramics, coated paper): Apply the adhesive to both sides. Let the glue dry. Apply glue again and press.

Please note

Contains volatile and highly flammable solvents. You should therefore take appropriate precautions during storage and use.


Remove wet glue stains immediately. Dried adhesive residue and stains on clothing can be removed with acetone. Test on an inconspicuous area first.

storage conditions

Store in a dry, cool and frost-free place.

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