Watt meter 180A

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Small DC wattmeter up to 6500W with current measurement in the range 0-180 A, voltage measurement 0-60 V, measurement of electrical charge 0-65 Ah and energy measurement 0-6500 Wh in real time and memory for maximum values ​​​​of current, voltage and power / power consumption .

Wattmeter 180 A can measure:

  • Real-time DC voltage 0-60V with memory for minimum voltage value.
  • Real-time DC current 0-180A with maximum current value memory.
  • Real-time power/power consumption 0-6554W with memory for maximum power/power consumption value.
  • Amount of electrical charge passed through 0-65 Ah.
  • Amount of electrical energy passed through 0-6554 Wh.
  • Time

Wattmeter is a device that is indispensable in the control of propulsion systems and their optimization.

  • It can prevent damage to batteries, electric motors and ESCs from excessive current, and helps you select the optimal propeller size or gear ratio depending on the motor and ESC used.
  • Allows you to control the loading of the supply sources and set a safe voltage.
  • Enables the battery capacity and its load capacity to be checked.
    Allows you to check the real consumption of the receiver and servos to decide whether to use a battery or a UBEC system with a greater capacity.

Use of wattmeter

The supply source (e.g. drive battery) is connected to the input cable of the wattmeter. The device / load (e.g. speed controller with motor) is connected to the output leads of the wattmeter. If the measured source voltage is below 4.8V, the wattmeter electronics must be powered by connecting the 4.8-6.0V source to the left side jack (e.g. 4.8V NiMH receiver battery). will.

The first line of the display shows the instantaneous current (A) and instantaneous voltage (V). The second line on the right shows the current power / power consumption (W), on the left the data of the measurement time, the minimum voltage (Vm), the charge that has passed through (Ah), the maximum current (Ap), the maximum power / power consumption (Wp) and electrical energy (Wh) are displayed cyclically with a period of 2 s. Measurement period is 0.4 s.

Package Contents: Wattmeter 180A, Instructions.

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