Zlin 50LS 2145 mm 26-30cc gas ARTF

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ZLIN 50LS – 20-30CC GAS


The Zlin 50L was one of the first aircraft to start off the modern genre of monoplane aerobatic aircraft. It was designed from the outset as a pure aerobatic aircraft and stressed for high ‘G’.

Black horse have created a superb version of the Zlin 50L with all the agility of the original in a size that will fly on the popular 25 – 30cc petrol engines. Wherever possible, the scale outline has been used and the only departures have been those required to make a model fly well and be durable in use at the average club flying field. The main undercarriage for instance, has been made in curved aluminium for strength and shock absorbtion and the tailwheel assembly is also aluminium with shock spring connection to the rudder.

Wing sections have been chosen to provide the correct aerobatic response and stability. They were not chosen for slow speed handling. Flaps have been added to aid the landing speed, just like the original.

The cowl is of course lightweight GRP and beautifully painted as well. The same is true of those shapely wheel spats!

This model uses the new design of shaped control horns that Black Horse have developed. Not only do they look good, they provide the ability to allow extra servo travel. They are tough too!

As a practical aerobatic model, the Zlin 50L will not disappoint.


  • Wingspan: 2145 mm
  • Length: 1641 mm
  • Weight:  5.7 kg

Parts listing required (not included):

  • Radio: 5 channels
  • Servo: 8x
  • Engine: 20–30 cc gas

Additional information

Weight 5,1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 140 cm
Black Horse Model

"Black Horse Model"