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TinusPull V3.1 (update 22.10.2023)

Dane Rc is in collaboration with Tinus, the famous tow boy from DK, in the process of further developing and taking his good and proven tow plane into production, his plane has pulled up hundreds of large gliders both in Denmark and in Germany, and it has turned out that his model is really good at this job
There will be different options for engine sets for the model, as the nose can be replaced, It will fit a large electric setup or different fuel engines from 120 ccm to 250 ccm, depending on the pilot’s wishes

The product type will be electric, but the entire nose can be removed, so it can be changed to fuel if desired, we will also come up with a solution for that setup, not everyone has gone “green” yet. The setup we have chosen is a Hacker Q100-6L kv114 with a Biela 3 blade 30.5×13″, Batteries 2 or 4 x 7C 8000 mah (there is room for 4 pcs.) then 14C with 8000 or 16000 mah, depending on need, That setup provides at least 10.000 watts, enough to pull most gliders

Pictures of Tinus’ tow plane: