Multiplex RR RaceWulf

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Model character: Motorized flight
models Material: Elapor
Level: 3 Advanced
Wingspan in mm: 950
RC functions: SR/HR/QR/Motor
Flying weight electric in grams: 1090
Flight time in minutes: 5
Total wing loading g per qdm: 53
Total surface area in qdm: 20.56
battery types/ Cells: 3S LiPo
construction time in min.: 15

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The MULTIPLEX-RaceWulf is a sporty racing aircraft that was modeled on the Focke Wulf FW 190. During development, value was placed on realizing an uncomplicated model with fantastic flight characteristics and a high degree of prefabrication.The RaceWulf is the ideal model for dogfights, relay flights with colleagues or just to go for a lap after work. It is therefore exactly the right playmate for our FunRacer. It has an enormous speed range and always remains safe and precise to control.

• Spectacular speed and maneuverability
• Very neutral flight behavior
• Ready painted and decorated
• Easy to transport thanks to removable wings
• Convenient battery replacement through the canopy
• High-performance brushless motor and controller
• Metal gear servos for elevator, rudder and ailerons already installed
• Very high degree of prefabrication: assemble the tailplane, install the receiver, fly

Scope of delivery

Model completely built and decorated incl. motor, controller and 4 servos.

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Weight 3.0 kg
Dimensions 104 × 20 × 20 cm