Spectrum Adapter 2

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Adapter cable for connecting UniSens-E, UniLog 2, GPS-Logger 1-3 and MicroVario to Spektrum Telemetry. Translates the data from the sensors into the Spektrum X-Bus format.
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Spektrum support for UniSens-E, GPS-Logger 1-3, UniLog 2 and MicroVario

With the help of the Spektrum adapter, our sensors UniSens-E, GPS-Logger 1-3, UniLog 2 and MicroVario can be operated on telemetry-capable Spektrum receivers and the Spektrum TM1000 system. The Spektrum adapter translates the data from the sensors into the X-Bus protocol. All telemetry-capable Spektrum transmitters are suitable for displaying the data, with the exception of the DX7s and DX8G1. Suitable receivers are all with their own X-Bus connection. These are, for example, those with a “T” in the designation, such as AR8010T, AR9030T, AR6270T, AR637T, AR6610T. Newer receivers such as AR8020T, AR10100T and AR10360T can also be used with new Spektrum adapters from November 2022. The new version can be identified by a “2” on the label.

Spektrum adapter
Several of our sensors can be easily connected to the spectrum adapter in parallel via corresponding Y-cables (order no. 3140). For this purpose, various Spektrum adapter addresses are assigned to them in the setup. This means that, for example, a can be used together with a


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