Vector PP Foam Sheet 1000 x 300 x 8 mm

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The new, groundbreaking material PICHLER SUPER BOARD is changing the world of model building. Build your next model with the PICHLER SUPER BOARD. You will be enthusiastic!

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With the innovative PICHLER SUPER BOARD you have the opportunity to build your own models according to your wishes. Regardless of whether it is a throwing glider, R/C flight model, vehicle or standing model, the SUPER BOARD is the ideal material. The PICHLER SUPER BOARD is more robust and tear-resistant than EPP and has an even smoother surface than DEPRON.

SUPER BOARD is delivered sorted, safely protected and packed in flat packages.

Material thickness 1 to 2mm is ideal for indoor mini model aircraft up to around 30g

Material thickness 2 to 5mm is used especially for indoor aircraft models up to around 200g

Material thickness 5 to 8 mm is ideal for indoor parkfly model aircraft up to approx. 500g

The PICHLER SUPER BOARD is super smooth and bright white on both sides. It is made as light as possible since its main purpose is to build model aircraft. The individual panels are cut out of a foamed block at the factory using an ultra-sharp knife. This results in top quality “as if from a single piece”. If you look closely, you can see a very slight “ice crystal” look in the surface.

* Light
* Extremely robust and durable
* Fine-pored
* Bendable
* Tear-resistant

The PICHLER SUPER BOARD can be easily cut with a router, laser, hot wire or a sharp knife or jigsaw. UHU por, hot glue or superglue can be used as adhesive. The material can be varnished or painted, for example. B. with PALETTI spray paints from EXTRON, acrylic paints, watercolors, felt-tip pens and wax crayons. What is particularly interesting is its excellent suitability for digital printing. The PICHLER SUPER BOARD can also be deep-drawn very easily. You can use a hot air gun to heat the material and bend it permanently.

Technical data
Dimensions = approx. 1000 x 300 x 9mm
Weight = approx. 120g
Color = white on both sides

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