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Leprechaul ver. XL

Leprechaun ver. XL- Under construction and will soon be ready for test flight 🙂 .. Wing span becomes 414 cm – weight about 3200 grams – Wing loading about 17 g/dm² This version will come as a complete set, but there will also be the opportunity to get the middle section so you can expand your existing Leprechaun ver II – follow us on our website there will be more information soon

1 thought on “Leprechaul ver. XL

  1. Hi Michael

    Great developement of the Leprechaun, especially with the spoilers. I had a moment or two when I wished I had them already. Coming down from strong thermals is sometimes a bit of a problem…but at least I found a job for the ailerons in the end using the as “ersatz- spoilers”..;-)

    Anyway, put me down for an upgrade set. I will be ordering as soon as they are available.

    Best regards


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