Digital speed sensor II

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Digital speed sensor II for connection to the LinkVario Pro
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Digital speed sensor II for connection to the LinkVario Pro.

A pitot speed sensor is required to measure the speed relative to the inflow (true airspeed, TAS). The Digi Speed ​​Sensor II (order no. 4020) or our Pitot sensor (order no. 2560) can be connected directly
to the LinkVario Pro .

Especially with the Digi-Speed-Sensor II, the speed can be measured even without a dynamic pressure nozzle via a tap on the hose connection to the TEK
nozzle: Since the TEK nozzle adds the negative dynamic pressure to the air pressure to compensate, this can also be used to measure speed. The negative dynamic pressure supplied by our TEK nozzle with the coefficient 1 is subtracted from the static pressure in the differential pressure sensor. 
With the pitot speed sensor, the outer holes on the dynamic pressure tube supply the static pressure. Practice shows that the static pressure on the bottom of the glider’s fuselage behind the wing also meets these requirements very well. A 1.5 x 0.2mm brass tube flush with the underside of the fuselage provides the static pressure. This must be routed to the connection for the static pressure on the Digi-Speed-Sensor II. The negative dynamic pressure is taken via a T-piece included with the sensor in the connecting hose in front of the TEK connection of the LinkVario Pro and fed to the TEK connection on the Digi-Speed-Sensor II.
In many cases, the static pressure in the hull also provides sufficiently accurate results. This can be checked with fast, long overflights in calm conditions compared to the GPS speed measurement in the log. This test is quite simple and should always be done to verify the arrangement.

For technical data and the complete range of functions, please refer to the LinkVario Pro operating instructions .


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