Kavan Air Sport 15/85 3l

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KAVAN AIR SPORT 15/85- Fuel with castor oil without nitromethane for RC aeroplanes
Glow fuel without nitromethane for hobby and sport flying FAI categories requiring non-nitromethane fuels.

Suitable for two-stroke aeroplane engines, mostly higher capacity (8,5–20ccm), that operate reliably with fuel with lower oil content: O.S. MAX, ASP, Thunder Tiger etc.


  • 15% of the finest castor oil for reliable operation and perfect lubrication
  • Fuel meeting the FAI conditions without additives and nitromethane. Only methanol and castor oil.
  • Natural clear fuel without added dyes
  • Developed and made in Germany


Package contains: Canister – 3 litres

The product contains substances marked as dangerous in regulation (EC) No 1272/2008. See detailed info at the “Downloads” section.

Se more https://www.kavanrc.com/en/item/kavan-air-sport-15-85-3l-137096


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