KAVAN Bristell B23 1600mm ARF – yellow

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  • Wing span 1600 mm
  • Length  1151 mm
  • Weight  2100 g
  • Controlled functions – S,V,K(2),M,F(2)
  • Build difficulty – S0,S1
  • Operating difficulty- P2

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Almost ready to fly semi-scale model (1600 mm wingspan) of a Czech twin-seat trainer aeroplane. Made of carbon-reinforced expanded polyolefin (EPO); KAVAN C3548-750 brushless motor, 10×6” three-blade prop, R-50SB ESC and 7 micro servos installed. “Full house“ aileron, flap, elevator, rudder and throttle control; steerable nose gear, LED lights. For 4S LiPo 2600–3300mAh (at least 30C) battery.

In 2009 a renowned Czech aircraft designer Milan Bříštěla together with his son Martin founded the BRM AERO Ltd. Their first aeroplane Bristell Classic, an elegant ultra-light low-wing twin-seater with a tricycle undercarriage turned out to be a stunning success (over 600 sold worldwide). The company has continued to grow and expand their line of products since then. The latest addition is the Bristell B23, a two-seat all-metal low-wing aeroplane with a composite main undercarriage certified according to the EASA CS-23/U.S. 14 CFR (FAR) Part 23. The “full-size” B23 featuring a modern full-glass cockpit and the latest avionics is a perfect trainer for flying schools as well as a comfortable aeroplane for fun flying and distance travels. And now you can enjoy flying with our 1600 mm wingspan semi-scale model of this beautiful sailplane powered by a brushless motor.

The EPO foam fuselage, thoroughly carbon-reinforced, comes with the KAVAN C3548-800 brushless motor, 10×6” three-blade propeller and KAVAN R-50SB ESC featuring a powerful switching SBEC stabilizer necessary to feed all 7 servos aboard. The detachable canopy is secured with a pin at the front and two latches in the rear. The cockpit compartment offers a lot of space for your receiver and flight pack.

The two-piece EPO wing is reinforced by carbon spars and joined together with a carbon tube joiner. The wing is secured by bolts to the fuselage. The ailerons and flaps are controlled by two pairs of servos installed in the wing driven with short wire push rods; there are position and landing LED lights installed as well.

The empennage is made of EPO foam. The elevator and rudder servos are installed in the fin and horizontal stabilizer.

The tricycle undercarriage has a steel wire steerable nose leg and aluminium main legs; all wheels sport nice wheel pants.

B23 is powered by the KAVAN C3548-800 brushless motor with the KAVAN R-50SB 50A ESC.

You will need a 14.8 V 2600–3300 mAh flight pack (at least 30C) to fly your Bristell B23.

You will need at least a 6-channel RC set to control your B23; even a non-computer radio would work as the aileron, flap, rudder and steerable front undercarriage servos are controlled by a single channel each (linked via the pre-installed connection board). At least 7-channel computer radio will work best; an independent aileron and flap servo control will help you to enjoy your B23 to the fullest. Fortunately, even entry-level/budget-friendly radios like Radiolink AT9S or AT10II, Futaba T6K or T10J feature all the necessary mixes today. In this case, you will have to connect the aileron and flap servos with four 15–30 cm extension cables. The instruction manual contains thoroughly tested set-up table in order to help you set up the B23 easily even if it was your first “full house” control aeroplane.

ARTF set contents: EPO fuselage with the brushless motor, 50A ESC, 10×6″ 3-blade propeller and 3 servos installed, EPO wing with 4 servos and LED lights installed, EPO horizontal tailplane, undercarriage and instruction manual.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 140 cm

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