Der kleine Falke A1 (F1H) glider 1240mm

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Wing span [mm] 1240
Length [mm] 870
Weight (A1: min. 220 g) [g] 160 – 320
Controlled functions none
Build difficulty S1
Operating difficulty P0
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A free-flight glider A1 (F1H) kit “Der Kleine FALKE” with a wingspan of 1240mm with an option to install the RC control system and a propelling unit with an electromotor. Whole-balsa wood model with laser-cut parts with a pre-ground Jedelsky system wing with a carbon reinforcement of tailplanes. High pre-processing, simple to build, excellent flight characteristics. Perfect as a first “adult” glider model.

Der Kleine FALKE (Little Falcon) is a perfect first “adult” glider, with which you will learn the basic building skills and you will learn to fly with models. And that’s not all – Der Kleine FALKE can be built as a free-flight glider class A1 (international F1H), so you can fly around for fun or you can join junior competitions. You can also install a small receiver and 2 micro servos obtaining a small RC glider. And we haven’t finished yet – you can also mount a pylon with a small brushless motor and propeller to enjoy flying a motor glider. Thanks to a clever design Der Kleine FALKE can be built as a free-flight model, but you can easily add RC controls and a motor anytime after finishing! Or vice versa…

Thanks to laser-cut parts, you will need just basic tools during building (modeller’s knife, razor saw or fretsaw, sanding paper, pins, flat brush), a modeller’s glue and dope. Clever design, interlocking parts, ingenious tools included in the package, and a high level of pre-processing allows for a fast build time.

A front part of the fuselage is made of laser-cut balsa wood and plywood parts, and there’s enough space for a weight and a timer for a free-flight model and receiver or propulsion battery, two servos and a receiver for the RC model. Quick access to the electronics is through a detachable cowl. Tail reinforcement is made of aluminium tube guaranteeing low weight but high durability.

A Whole-balsa wood wing with a Jedelsky profile has a leading part made of pre-ground balsa wood strips. Thanks to a savvy design, you will only need a straight work desk to build it. The wing is attached to the fuselage by rubber bands.

V-tail is made of laser-cut balsa wood parts. Ruddervators are mounted on nylon hinges; to control or set them up there’s a pair of wire linkages attached to a carbon fuselage reinforcement leading to a space in the hull. When you use it as a free-flight model, secure the linkages to the outer tube using a piece of duct tape – ruddervators will be fixed, yet still adjustable if needed.

Supplied towing hook allows you to tow the Der Kleine FALKE on a 25–50m fishing line or launching it vith a small catapult (5m rubberband 3x2mm + 20m line cable)

For the RC glider, you will need an RC set featuring the V-tail mix, micro receiver and two 5–6g servos.

The Der Kleine FALKE was designed and is made in Czechia.

Kit contains: laser-cut balsa wood and plywood parts, pre-ground wing and tailplane parts, carbon tail reinforcement, wire linkages and small accessories, sanding paper, weight, rubber bands to attach the wing, towing hook, stickers sheet, building plan, user manual.

Indoor flight with “Der Kleine FALKE” by SpeedsterDEN:

Sloping flight with “Der Kleine FALKE” By SpeedsterDEN :



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