KAVAN Brushless Motor PRO 2809-2300

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Outrunner brushless electric motor for model aeroplanes: glider 220g, trainer 220g, acro 180g, 3D 130g, KV2300 RPM/V, input voltage 2S Lixx. 3.0mm shaft/5.5mm propsaver. Alternative designation based on the stator dimension: 2202-2300.

KAVAN PRO series motors are high performance 14-pole brushless outrunners. State-of-the-art design, hardened steel shafts, high quality ball bearings, High grade material used for stators and rotors ensure long lifetime and unbeatable performance and high efficiency. KAVAN PRO series motors are low revolution/high torque electric motors capable of swinging large diameter propellers without need for a gearbox.

KAVAN PRO 2809-2300

KAVAN PRO 2809-2300 is a miniature motor for small model aeroplanes up to 220 g all-up weight powered by 2S LiPo flight battery pack. It could be used for “electrification” of rubber powered planes from of Guillow’s or Dumas kits (up to 1000 mm wingspan), it works great with indoor models and park-flyers.

Motor installation: KAVAN PRO 2809-2300 has been designed for the radial mount installation only using 5.5 mm prop saver. Use at least two (opposite) or four M2 screws; the firewall should be made of 1.0-1.5 mm plywood. The cross mounting lugs are an integral part of the motor.

The motor set contents: KAVAN PRO 2809-2300 motor w. cables (no connectors), prop saver set accessories. The full instruction manual can be downloaded here: KAVAN PRO Brushless Motors Instruction Manual

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Powering LiXX cells 2
RPM/V [ot./min/V] 2300
Max. power (180s) [W] 60
Open-circuit current (10 V) [mA] 400
Max. peak current (180 s) [A] 8.5
Diameter [mm] 28
Length skříně motoru [mm] 8.9
Length celková [mm] 18.4
Shaft diameter [mm] 3
Weight [g] 15
Poles count 14
Timing [°] 15 – 25
ESC [A] 8 – 12
Weight of glider (up-to) [g] 220
Weight of trainer (up-to) [g] 220
Weight of acrobat (up-to) [g] 180
Weight of 3D (up-to) [g] 130

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