KAVAN Falke 1800mm ARF – Red

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  • Wing span 1800 mm
  • Length  1150 mm
  • Weight  660-710 g
  • Controlled functions – S,V,K(2),M
  • Build difficulty – S0,S1
  • Operating difficulty- P1,S1

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99% ready-made high-performance, 1800 mm wingspan, thermal sailplane of virtually unbreakable extruded polyolefin (EPO) with a carbon tail boom. KAVAN C2714-1450 brushless motor, 7×6” folding prop, R-20B ESC and 4 micro servos installed. Aileron, elevator, rudder (V-tail) and throttle control. For 3S LiPo 1200–1600 mAh (at least 20C).

Regularly, model aeroplanes are supposed to be scaled-down „full-size“ aircraft. However, our designers went the other way around; they have been thoroughly watering, weeding out, and 100% biologically fertilizing our tiny little Der Kleine FALKE for so long until she has grown up to 1800mm wingspan becoming the high-performance thermal RC sailplane FALKE 1800.

The EPO foam fuselage with a sleek carbon tail boom comes with the KAVAN C2714-1450 brushless motor, 7×6” folding propeller and KAVAR R-20B ESC featuring a BEC stabilizer. The detachable canopy is secured with a magnetic lock. The cockpit compartment offers a lot of space for your receiver and flight pack. The elevator and rudder servos are installed under the wing controlling the V-tail by a pair of push rods.

The two-piece EPO wing with a steel joiner is reinforced by carbon spars; the wing is secured with two plastic bolts to the fuselage. The ailerons are controlled by two servos installed in the wing driven with short wire push rods.

The EPO V-tail is detachable; secured with a plastic bolt to the fuselage for easy transport/storage.

FALKE 1800 is powered by the KAVAN C2714-1450 brushless motor with the KAVAN R-20B 20A ESC.

You will need an 11.1 V 1200–1600mAh flight pack (at least 20C) to fly your FALKE 1800.

You will need at least a 4-channel RC set to control your FALKE 1800; even a non-computer radio featuring the V-tail mixer would work as the aileron servos are controlled by a single channel (linked via a Y-cable). At least 6-channel computer radio will work best; independent aileron servo control and airbrake mixing (by extending ailerons simultaneously up) will help you to enjoy your FALKE 1800 to the fullest. Fortunately, even entry-level/budget-friendly radios like Radiolink AT9S or AT10II, Futaba T6K or T10J feature all the necessary mixes today. In this case, you will have to replace the aileron Y-cable installed in the kit with two 15–30 cm extension cables. The instruction manual contains a thoroughly tested set-up table to help you set up the FALKE 1800 easily.

ARTF set contents: EPO fuselage with the brushless motor, 20A ESC, 7×6″ folding propeller and 2 servos installed, EPO wing with 2 servos installed, EPO horizontal tailplane, and instruction manual.

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Weight 5,1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 140 cm

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