KAVAN PRO-60SB brushless ESC 60A

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Programmable brushless ESC for aircraft models. Continuous current 60A (peak 80A), 3–6 LiPo cells power, switch-mode BEC 5.2V, 6V, 7.4V/8A. Weight: 73g; dimensions: 69x35x18mm.

Programmable microprocessor ESC for brushless, sensorless AC motors (“brushless, sensorless”) for hobby and sport aircraft models with LiPo/Li-ion/LiFe battery power supply. It uses advanced optimized control technology to significantly improve throttle response and power stage control efficiency. The ESC design considers the high long-term load capacity and durability required in large models with a larger number of servos. The ESCs are equipped with a powerful switching BEC with selectable output voltage providing power to the receiver and servos (normal and HV) from the drive battery. A special KAVAN PRO LED programming card, supplied separately, is used for easy ESC setup.


  • The ESC features a high-performance 32-bit ARM M4 microprocessor with a clock frequency of up to 72 MHz; it is compatible with most brushless motors.
  • Suitable for the vast majority of aircraft brushless motors powered by 3-6S LiPo/Li-ion/LiFe batteries.
  • Special power stabilizer for microprocessor for high interference immunity and reduced risk of loss of control.
  • Optimized control technology significantly improves throttle response and power stage control efficiency and reeduces ESC temperature.
  • Powerful switching BEC with output voltage adjustable to 5.2, 6.0 or 7.4 V and load capability of 8 A continuous and 20 A peak. The BEC is decoupled from the other regulator circuits, it can maintain proper operation even if the regulator’s power board MOSFET transistors burn out.
  • Normal/Soft/Very Soft start-up modes are suitable for normal propeller aircraft and models with EDF.
  • Easy programming and setup using the transmitter or the KAVAN PRO LED programming card.
  • A special programming cable for connecting the ESC to the LED programming card allows the user to program the ESC anytime and anywhere (see the KAVAN PRO LED programming card manual for details).
  • Normal/Proportional/Reversal brake modes (especially reversal mode) can effectively shorten the range after landing.
  • A number of protection functions: start-up protection, thermal protection of the ESC, thermal protection of the capacitors, overload protection, overcurrent protection, abnormal supply voltage protection and control signal loss protection effectively extend the life of the ESC.
  • Calibrate the throttle range to perfectly match the control signal from your RC kit.


  • Brake Type Brake off, normal brake (with braking intensity adjustable in 7 levels), proportional brake (controlled by the throttle control: 0-20% of throttle control deflection corresponds to 100-0% brake, 20-100% of control deflection corresponds to 0-100% throttle), reversing (allows to switch on the reversing of the motor running by another channel with a switch).
  • Brake Force: The braking intensity is adjustable from Level 1 to Level 7 for “Normal Brake” mode.
  • Cutoff type: Soft Cutoff: the ESC will gradually reduce power to 50% of full power within 3 seconds after voltage protection is activated. Hard Cutoff.
  • Number of LiPo cells: We recommend setting manually for 100% reliable voltage protection function. The ESC will automatically calculate the number of cells of the connected battery according to the “3.7 V per cell” rule if you select automatic detection.
  • Cutoff Voltage: The threshold level of the voltage protection is adjustable from 2.8 to 3.8 V/cell; the protection can also be switched off completely.
  • BEC Voltage: The BEC voltage is adjustable to 5.2 V, 6.0 V or 7.4 V.
  • Start-up Mode: Normal start-up (instant start-up), Soft start-up (with slow start for motors with large propellers, gearbox or smaller EDF), Very soft start-up (with very slow start for motors with large propellers, gearbox or EDF from 90 mm).
  • Timming: Adjustable from 0-30°.
  • Motor direction: CW/CCW
  • DEO Freewheeling: This feature can be turned on or off; it can provide better linearity or smoother throttle response.


  • Start-up protection The ESC measures the motor speed during start-up. If the speed stops increasing or the increase is not stable, the ESC evaluates this as an incorrect start-up. If the throttle is at less than 15% at this point, the ESC will automatically attempt to restart the motor; if the throttle is at more than 15%, you must pull the throttle control all the way down to restart the motor.
  • Thermal protection of the ESC: The motor will “stall” if the ESC temperature exceeds 110°C, indicating that thermal protection has been activated. If the throttle control is pulled back below 60% at that point, the “stutter” will disappear and the ESC will deliver power appropriate to the throttle position. If you move the throttle above 60%, the “stutter” will reappear. The temperature of the ESC must not exceed 70°C when switching on, otherwise the engine cannot be started.
  • Signal loss protection The ESC will immediately shut down the motor if the signal is absent for 0.25 s to prevent even more damage and risks from a rapidly rotating rotor or propeller. Once a normal signal is received, the ESC resumes normal operation.
  • Overload protection The ESC switches off the motor or restarts automatically when its load suddenly increases to a very high value.
  • Overcurrent protection: The ESC immediately switches off the motor if the peak current draw exceeds the maximum permitted value; it then resumes normal operation. If the current draw still exceeds the maximum permitted value, the motor is switched off completely.

Tip: When the first time the regulator is switched on, first calibrate the throttle range according to the instructions. Only then can the ESC be used and other parameters set using the transmitter or the KAVAN PRO LED programming card.

Use: Airplane,helicopter ; Type: brushless ; Current rate [A]: 60 ; Max. peak current [A]: 80 ; LiXX cells: 3 – 6 ; BEC Voltage [V]: 5.2 – 7.4 ; BEC current [A]: 8 ; Lenght [mm]: 68.6 ; Width [mm]: 34.6 ; Height [mm]: 18 ; Weight [g]: 73.5 ; Regulation type: one-way ; Brzda: Yes ; Sensor input: No ; Programmable: Yes

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