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Four-stroke aircraft engine with glow plug 26,52ccm with double-needle RC carburetor. Power 2,0 HP at 10000rpm. Weight with silencer 1100g.

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Technical specifications

  • Version: 4-stroke nitro
  • Bore [mm]: 27.7mm
  • Speed range approx.: 2,000-10,000 rpm
  • Recommended propeller: 16×8 – 20×6″
  • Stroke [mm]: 28.6mm
  • Displacement [ccm]: 2×13,26 ccm (25,36ccm)
  • Power HP: 2,6 at 10,000 rpm
  • Total weight: 1100g

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FT 160 GEMINI is a four-stroke two-cylinder boxer engine gem from the company OS MAX from JAPAN with a total displacement of 26.52ccm. (2x 13.26ccm)

  • Valve controlled four-stroke boxer engine
  • five ball bearings
  • Motor mount included.

Manual: https://www.os-engines.co.jp/english/line_up/engine/air/twin/img/manual/36108.pdf

Dimensions: https://www.os-engines.co.jp/line_up/engine/air/twin/img/air/pdf/36108_1.pdf

Exploded view: https://www.os-engines.co.jp/english/line_up/engine/air/aircraft/img/manual/36108_1.pdf


Additional information

Weight 2 kg


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