OS GF30 II W/F-6040 silincer

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4 cycle gasoline engine(30cc) for scale and Acro planes

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Technical specifications

  • Version: 4-stroke gas
  • Bore [mm]: 38,0mm
  • Speed range approx.: 1,800 – 9,000 rpm
  • Recommended propeller: 16×8 – 17×12″
  • Stroke [mm]: 26,4mm
  • Displacement [ccm]: 29,94ccm
  • Power HP: 2,76 at 9,000 rpm
  • Total weight: 1010g

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Based on the success of the GF40, the GF30 was developed to be used on models designed to use 1.20 – 1.50 glow ignition or 20cc petrol engines.

Now comes the further development of the GF-30 called GF-30 II

As a 4-stroke petrol engine, the GF30 offers impressive throttle response, torque, fuel efficiency and a great sound that perfectly matches scale models. The PD-08 fuel pump ensures that the GF30 runs optimally in all positions, and to reduce the weight of your model, the lightweight IG-07 ignition module can be operated with 2 Li-Po cells. The housing of the motor is compact and takes up just as little space as the O.S. GT22.

Manual: https://www.os-engines.co.jp/english/line_up/engine/air/single/img/manual/3A010.pdf

Dimensions: https://www.os-engines.co.jp/product/gas/img/gas/pdf/3A010_1.pdf

Exploded view: https://www.os-engines.co.jp/english/line_up/engine/air/aircraft/img/manual/3A010_1.pdf


Additional information

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