QX-motor 50mm EDF 12 blades Ducted fan CW CCW with QF2611 – 3300KV (CW)

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The QX-MOTOR ducting set series focuses on the high-tech research and development of the ducted power system to produce more efficient and reliable innovative products.

This upgraded 50MM EDF 12-Blade design has CW and CCW. With the QF2611 high-performance brushless motor, it is powerful. Efficient. Low temperature. Suitable for modification of ducted machines around 800G. It is the innovative choice of the majority of model friends.

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The fan has four performance options, please carefully review the data sheet before choosing before ordering

Additional information

Weight 0,218 kg

Model QF1611
RPM 5000KV/ 6000KV/ 7000KV/ 14000KV
Configuration 9N6P
Shaft Diameter 1.5mm
Motor Diameter 16.3mm
Weight 21,8g
No.f Cells 2-4S Lipo
Max Continuous Power 160W
Max Continuous Current 20A


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