SKYRC Power Supply 16A/380W

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SKYRC Power Supply 16A/380W

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Your eFUEL switching DC Power Supply is designed to use household AC power source to power equipments that required DC power. The eFUEL converts standard household power 100-240V AC to 24V DC power and can supply up to 30 amperes of continuous power.

Active FPC
Active PFC is the use of power electronics to change the waveform of current drawn by a load to improve the power factor, thus achieving the purpose of higher efficiency.
Active PFC, which is integrated into SkyRC 380W/16A regulated power supply, can provide higher power utilization.

Intelligent Air Cooling System
Adopting the cooling system, the fan will be initiated automatically when operating temperature reaches 50 degree.

Overload/Error Indication
The LED indicator turn red whenever equipment connected to the Power Supply is drawing more power than it can provide. The Power Supply may shut down turning off its output in order to protect its circuitry from damage.


  • Input: 100-240VAC
  • Output Current: 16A
  • Output Voltage: 24V DC
  • Over Temperature Protection: <80°C
  • Cooling Method: Fan
  • Operating Temp: 0-40°C
  • Operating Humidity: 0-90%
  • Size: 165x139x59,5 mm
  • Weight: 1.62 kg


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