SuperLt.Wheel 125mm w.BallBear, 1 Pcs.

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SuperLight Scale pneumatic tires, with profile
These scale pneumatic tires are constructed in such a way that they reliably absorb the landing shocks of large and heavy models. They are available in two versions.

If desired, the two-piece hub allows the collars to be installed invisibly. The tires are inflated with a bicycle pump to a maximum of 1 bar. Both versions are equipped with high-quality Delrin® inserts for 3/16″ axles (easily drilled out to 5 mm) and for 6 mm axles (easily drilled out to ¼”). In special cases where ball bearings are required, the Scale pneumatic tires are available with ball bearings for 6 mm axles (5 g additional weight).

SuperLight Scale pneumatic tires, with profile

  • Wheel Ø: 125mm
  • Weight: 73.2-73.4g
  • Width: 43.0-43.2mm
  • Axle diameter: 6mm
  • Content: 1 piece

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