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e-FunPull extreme with Q80 Hacker

Dane RC has developed this new fun plane it can also be used to pull up large gliders, so there is also the possibility of making fun flights when waiting for the next glider to be pulled up, it must also be fun to fly :- )
It is equipped with a powerful electrical setup, a Hacker Q80-7L V2 kv 155, a 160 amp regulator, it runs on 12 cells and there is room for 4 batteries of 6 cells 5000 mah in the nose, so you can have 12C of 10000 mah with up

The model data: wing 220 cm – Length 180 cm – weight 11,0 kg with 2 pcs 6C 5000 mah – 4 pcs. 35 kg servo