CUMUL mini glider kit 1130mm

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Wing span [mm] 1130
Length [mm] 847
Weight [g] 160
Controlled functions none
Build difficulty S1
Operating difficulty P0
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All-balsa glider with excellent flight characteristics and very simple construction. It is ideal for getting acquainted with the classic construction of aircraft models. Thanks to precise laser-cut parts, you will not spend a lot of time grinding and cutting, but you will quickly reach your destination only with acetone glue (Kanagom, L-510, UHU-hart, etc.) and pins.

The fuselage consists of a gondola (in which there is enough space not only for the load of a fragrant flying glider, but also for miniature RC equipment) and a tail beam made of carbon tube. The wing made of pre-cut balsa parts is attached to the fuselage with rubber eyelets, so the CUMUL mini is foldable even with a wing span of over a meter.

The design of the model also includes the possibility of installing miniature RC equipment – CUMUL mini can then fly like a clean glider with a controlled rudder and elevator, or you can motor them with a small AC motor located in the bow or on the pylon above the wing.

The kit contains: laser-cut parts of the fuselage, wings and tail surfaces, carbon tail beam, small accessories, construction plan / construction instructions.

The CUMUL mini model was designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.



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