Foxy Smart Soldering Iron 60W/12-24V DC

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Pen-like 60W soldering iron with micro-processor regulated temperature (100–400°C), DC 12–24V powered. LED-backlit display and 3 buttons for simple controls. Adjustable working temperature, temperature compensation (offset) and smart standby mode for energy saving. Replacable tip, grounded to protect from electrostatic shocks.

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60W soldering iron with microprocessor temperature control (100-400 °C) with 12-24V DC power supply. Compact soldering iron for fine and precise work at home in the workshop and at the airport, on the racetrack or on the water.

  • Precise microprocessor temperature control of the soldering tip adjustable in the range of 100-400°C in steps of 1°C
  • Adjustable temperature compensation (offset) of the soldering tip (±50°C).
  • Intelligent energy-saving standby mode – after an adjustable period of inactivity (1-30 minutes), the soldering tip temperature automatically drops to 100°C to save energy and extend the life of the heater. Thanks to the built-in motion sensor, all you have to do is pick up the soldering iron and the tip quickly heats up again to operating temperature.
  • LED display and 2 buttons for easy adjustment.
  • Interchangeable tips for easy spot work and soldering of thicker wire (sold separately).
  • Silicone sleeve for reliable and safe holding of the soldering iron.
  • Grounded tip for ESD protection (You should attach the ground wire with the screw on the soldering iron handle – impedance referenced to ground <2 ohms, voltage referenced to ground <2mV).
  • Error status signaling on the display.
  • Requires a 12-24Vli> DC power supply
  • Max. power 17 W at 12 V / 60 W at 24 V – In order to be able to use the soldering iron optimally, it is recommended to use a 24 V power supply unit or a 24 V battery.

The set of soldering irons includes: Smart soldering iron 60W/12-24V with tip and power cord, stand, instruction manual.


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