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99% ready-made high-performance motor-powered glider (2206 mm wingspan) of carbon-reinforced expanded polyolefin (EPO) suitable for aerobatics, thermal and slope soaring. KAVAN C3548-750 brushless motor, 11×8” folding prop, KAVAN R-50SB Plus ESC and 6 micro servos installed. “Full house” aileron, flap, elevator, rudder and throttle control. For 4S LiPo 2600–4000 mAh (at least 30C).

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Your favourite PULSE 2200 is back in the V2 version – agile and manoeuvrable, featuring new high-torque/high-speed servos and a bunch of other improvements like control linkage with precise ball links. Get ready for a good deal of fun and stunts. Pulse 2200 V2 features a “full house” wing with ailerons and flaps control, a carbon-reinforced virtually unbreakable EPO airframe and a powerful brushless motor ensuring great aerobatic and slope sailing performance. In brief, our Pulse 2200 V2 is a perfect all-around fun model every moderately advanced pilot will enjoy. Get your Pulse racing.

The thoroughly carbon-reinforced EPO foam fuselage comes with the KAVAN C3548-750 brushless motor, 11×8” folding propeller and KAVAN R-50SB Plus ESC featuring a powerful switching SBEC stabilizer necessary to feed all 6 servos aboard. The detachable canopy is secured with a magnetic lock. The cockpit compartment offers a lot of room for your receiver and flight pack. The elevator and rudder servos are installed in the fin.

The two-piece EPO wing is reinforced by two carbon spars; the root ends of the spars are inserted into an aluminium joiner in the fuselage. The wing halves are secured by a nylon bolt. The ailerons and flaps (both reinforced by carbon spars) are controlled by two pairs of servos installed in the wing driven with short wire push rods.

The EPO horizontal tailplane (both stabilizer and elevator reinforced by carbon spars) is detachable and secured with two bolts to the fin for easy transport/storage.

Pulse 2200 V2 is powered by the KAVAN C3548-750 brushless motor with the KAVAN R-50SB Plus 50A ESC with enhanced programming capabilities.

You will need a 14.8 V 2600–4000 mAh flight pack (at least 30C, 40C preferred) to fly your Pulse 2200 V2.

You will need at least a 6-channel RC set to control your Pulse 2200 V2. Even a non-computer radio would work as the aileron and flap servo are controlled by a single channel each (linked via multi-connector cables). At least a 7-channel computer radio will work best; independent aileron and flap servo control and mixing (especially the butterfly mix creating extremely effective airbrake by extending ailerons up and flaps down) will help you to enjoy your Pulse 2200 V2 to the fullest. In this case, you will have to connect the aileron and flap servos directly. The instruction manual contains a thoroughly tested set-up table to help you set up the Pulse 2200 V2 easily even if it is your first “full house” control glider.

ARTF set contents: EPO fuselage with the brushless motor, 50A ESC, 11×8″ folding propeller and 2 servos installed, EPO wing with 4 servos installed, EPO horizontal tailplane, and instruction manual.

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Dimensions 140 × 41 × 24 cm

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